Residential Internet

Plans that don't make you sacrifice performance or reliability, any time of day! Long gone are the days of having to browse in the middle of the night to get the performance you paid for. We strive to be as close to our posted speeds as possible. How do we do it? Our state-of-the-art technology ensures the bandwidth you are paying for is there when you need it. We also continuously monitor the networks and augment bandwidth as traffic loads increase.

We are currently deploying LTE technology to complement our state-of-the-art WiMax network. This commitment to constant upgrades will allow us to keep pace with the explosion of data use on the internet today, due to applications like Netflix and YouTube. We are committed to "Perfecting Rural Connectivity".

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I found the quality of your service and level of customer support over the years to be excellent, which is why I have recommended to the new owners.
- Grant Satisfied Customer
You are are the best internet company for rural residents and if it were my choice I would have your phone services too because you care about rural residents.
- Ian Satisfied Customer

Starter Plan

Unlimited Data




Active Devices

2 Mbps (up to)

Typical User

Checking email with attachments, surfing the net, occasional downloads of songs and streaming radio.

Pro Plan

Unlimited Data


Wimax & LTE


Active Devices

5 Mbps (up to)

Typical User

Home Networking, downloading large files (movies and software) and video streaming (Netflix, Crave TV).

Pro Plus Plan

Unlimited Data




Active Devices

10 Mbps (up to)

Typical User

Online gaming (X-box One, PS4), HD Video Streaming
(Netflix, Crave TV).

* Customers signed up prior to January 5th, 2015 remain at connections speeds of 1.5Mbps (Starter), 4Mbps (Pro) and 6Mbps (Pro Plus), as per their contract.

* Plans are governed by our Terms of Acceptable Use policy

Does speed matter?

Having higher speeds does not necessarily mean that you can download faster. Most web sites you visit limit the speed you can download the content at, typically in the range of 200 kbps to 300 kbps. The key factor when deciding the choice of speed is the amount of simultaneous users you have accessing the internet. Do not get misled by providers that claim high speeds. Think of speed as the speedometer on your car, it may say you can drive at 200 Km/h but rarely do you get an opportunity to engage at those speeds. The question you need to ask – is your speed consistent & predictable when you need it.

Installation and Activation of Units


One time cost

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*Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is owned and maintained by CCI Wireless.

Selected Internet Plan / Contract Term Installation & Activation Cost
All Plans – 2 Year Term $149.95
All Plans – Month to Month Term (No Contract) $400.00
Seasonal De-Activation / Re-Activation of Service $75.00 *

Ask us about our hibernation rates – ability to reduce your costs while away for an extended period of time. Hibernation is not available for Home Phone at this time.

* One time "lifetime" Seasonal Hibernation Fee payable on the first seasonal de-activation only. Customer may de-activate or re-activate service 2 times annually and incur no additional costs.

* "No Show" Fee – A $100 one-time fee will be applied if the customer is not present for installation and does not provide 24 hours notice (1 business day) for cancellation.

What plan / speed is best for me?

Choosing a plan should be simple. Check out the table below and see which best describes your household. Might need to change the plan later on? No problem, you have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade your plan free of charge as your needs change.

Cancellation of Service

Type of Cancellation Month-to-Month Term 2 Year Term
Cancellation of Service
Within First 12 Months
$75.00 $200.00
Cancellation of Service
Within 12 - 24 Months
$0.00 $20.00 per month left on term OR
$200.00, whichever is less
Cancellation of Service
After 24 Months
$0.00 $0.00

More questions? Call us at 1-888-240-2224, or email us at, it will be our pleasure to answer your questions.